CSR In Action

Awakening Social Responsibility: A Call To Action
by Rossella Derickson, Krista Henley, with Contributing Authors Almaz Negash, Cindy Campbell, & Heather Connors

Learn about the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Each chapter is an interview by a contributor to the book, providing insights, templates, models, examples and resources. The chapters provide an actionable step or perspective on how organizations can actively engage in eco initiatives, employee giving, volunteering, and savvy sustainable business practices.

The result is a quick guidebook for global citizens that are interested in creating socially responsible programs but have little or no idea where to begin within their own companies or want to enhance their current programs.

The concept of CSR is not new, just of greater interest now that media scrutiny, shareholder concerns, and public opinions have heightened the value placed on socially and environmentally beneficial business practices. The benefits of such practices are greater when initiatives are well integrated with business strategy and, as a result, companies “do well while doing good.”

The book is meant to awaken you, the reader, to the importance of CSR. We hope you will answer the call to take action!

Readers will be Guided to:
•Assess the Opportunities for CSR
•Understand the Business Case for CSR
•Review What Companies are Currently Doing in CSR
•Learn about non profit organizations that facilitate CSR

“Organizations that provide meaning and service attract people who want to find meaning and deliver service. If these are the people you would like to attract, read this book!”
– Marshall Goldsmith
Author of ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’, a New York Times best seller and Wall Street Journal #1 business book

“The Social Responsibility of most of our institutions needs to be awakened, for it has been dozing on the drug of minimum standards for years. I hope this book will be an awakening; it has all the tools you need.”
– Peter Block
Bestselling author of ‘Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used’ and ‘Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest’

“Environmental protection and economic prosperity can, must and shall go hand in hand. This book will guide you to find the protection / prosperity intersection in your company.”
– Hunter Lovins
Co-Author, ‘Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution’

15% of proceeds from the books sales will be donated to Human Connexus.

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