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Filoli tulips in spring Nature's journey unfolding

Filoli tulips in spring
Nature’s journey unfolding

I experience work as a journey. It is a continuous unfolding. Whenever I find work to be  routine, I begin to look around corners to see what new adventure could occur. Perhaps it is finding a new assignment or sometimes a new job.  My internal compass knows when it is time to move.  Lately my movement is towards achieving higher degrees of impact.  How can I enable another person to be more fulfilled in their experience of work? Many of my colleagues share the same deep desire that our GSB students have to “make a difference.”

Some colleagues have the added responsibilities to feed their children, make sure the homework is done, take their parents to the doctor…. those mundane mind numbing tasks that take over a person’s life.   Their aptitudes lie dormant as they deal with the day to day.

How can we enliven our work? By enjoying each moment that something goes well.  By seeking opportunities to learn something new.  By appreciating the simple interactions with others.  And most important by taking stock in our own wellbeing.


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