Thinking and Feeling

Neuroscience research is getting closer to mapping our thinking processes. However for any of us that have taken time to observe our thoughts, we can be in awe and wonder. Driving and discovering myself at a destination without knowing how I got there is the perfect example of how deeply I was in my thoughts and unaware of the physical environment.

I’ve started a practice of stopping and noticing how I feel. Am I breathing deeply or shallowly? If I’m in the office, I make myself look at the beautiful items that I’ve brought to my work environment. Each item is a reminder. Some fun items like my bright red Easy Button for when I’m feeling stressed. Pictures of family are there to remember all the love in my life.

On The Journey A Question Arises, painting by Wolf Gomez

On The Journey A Question Arises, painting by Wolf Gomez


And a wonderful reminder of purpose for my strategic work is my painting by Wolf Gomez of a Carribean cultural icon, “Moko Jumbie.” They are a symbol as protector of their people, able to see ahead because of their height.



Recently I ran an offsite for a group at the GSB on Intuition…They were caught by the practical ways to engage our wisdom. I brought home how hard it is to get our thoughts to quiet and how much easier it is to stop and feel. The act of slowing down and choosing a feeling is easier than choosing a thought. After all, this thought then leads to that thought then leads to the next thought and so it goes. But if I can change to a feeling of well being, choose what I see, then I can bring back mental composure. Yes, the bliss of feeling at peace even at work.

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