Back online

I discovered my site had been “blacklisted” and no longer visible. Didn’t even know that was possible? On the personal side, I had gone underground to focus on incorporating the huge changes in my life – overseeing 2 beautiful teenagers left in my care.

I’ve previously written about the “mundane tasks” under a parent’s responsibility only to now realize that those every day tasks give energy back to me. I’m focused present. The future is sometimes only a day ahead as I make sure I’ve got milk and bread in the fridge and prepped for my next day meetings. My day is full and I remember when parents would say, well I’ve got to go home to my other job. My mind releases from the cares of the day at work …no regrets about an off remark at a meeting or a small slight.

Recently I was inspired by the idea of being “satisfied with where I am now and eager for more”*….I’m back online, full on life, grateful for the universe’s gifts!




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