Welcome to my blog and website! I’ve been excited by the opportunity to share some of my leadership learning…

…particularly since I have ringside seats to the amazing research that is done at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The collegial environment and the prosperity of the school provide a foundation to do good work in the world.  Yes, we are educating future leaders – our list of notable leaders is quite long. And we are educating entrepreneurs in developing countries that in turn will create jobs and support livelihoods for sustainable households. Yes!

To carry out our endeavors we continuously develop a workplace that allows GSB staff to grow personally and professionally. We need to do what we teach…. naturally we have the petty stuff of human relations, but in large part we have an emotionally intelligent workplace. I consider it a privilege to work with this group of people who support the mission ”change lives, change, organizations, change the world.” The school values building leaders who drive change not just at GSB but also in the world. What better environment to support employees to be the best they can be!

In an atmosphere that encourages experimentation through pilot programs, I have been able to try fresh approaches to learning and development. What I love most about my work is my activities range from coaching to designing team development to strategic workforce direction.

Welcome and if you like the topic, sign up for my occasional blog posts from like-minded colleagues and me.

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